Have you considered the biogas market in Europe? We did that for you.

  What we learned from doing a cross-offices research on biogas markets in Europe. Conclusion from The Norwegian Water resources and energy directorate (NVE) was that there are good possibilities to increase the use of waste from fish farms, sewage heat, agricultural residues and macro- and microalgae. By developing a Norwegian system solutions, companies can both… Read More

Mining industry and opportunities for Norwegian companies in Russia

In terms of both area as well as the sheer variety of endowments, Russia figures as a major mining nation of the world. It is home to an array of minerals and metals including nickel, platinum, bauxite, cobalt, coal and tin. Russia accounts for a large share of the world’s output of diamonds, gold, silver… Read More

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Participate in a Global Growth program – Maritime industry in Russia

The long-awaited renewal of the fishing fleet in Russia has finally started. The first round of distribution of governmental incentives for building of new fishing vessels – investment quotas, which constitute up to 20% of Russia’s total quota, was planned for December 2017. As of today, more than 30 boats have already been ordered and… Read More

The Russian marine industry – interesting opportunities for Norwegian companies

Russia is the largest country in the world by surface area, covering more than one-eighth of the earth’s inhabited land area. Its coastline is over 37.000 km, bordering the Arctic, the Pacific, the Baltic, Azov and Caspian waters. The Marine Industry is a promising development sector in the Russian economy. (Photo: Thinkstock) The NEVA exhibition in… Read More

Fishing fleet

Large scale renewal of Russian fishing fleet

The Russian fishing fleet faces need for renewal.  Norwegian ship technologies are both known and popular in the Russian market, opening a potential large market for Norwegian maritime industry. The Russian fishing industry generates an annual income of circa 15 Billion Rubles for the state in the form of taxes, yet the fishing fleet is… Read More


Take your position in the Russian travel market!

Take part in Norwegian Travel Workshop in Moscow and St.Petersburg, the unique platform for establishing business in Russia. Russia is Norway’s largest neighboring country, with a population of 146 million people. A strengthened Russian rouble has generated a great potential for a tourist flow from this vast country. The increased purchasing power among consumers provides… Read More


Take part in WasteTech Moscow 2017 !

WasteTech 2017 in Moscow is a great opportunity to meet the most important players in the market, present your solutions, investigate the market opportunities and get an insight into the latest development on this area in Russia. You are invited to take part in the exhibition WasteTech 2017 in Moscow, Russia in June 2017. It is a… Read More

Recycling waste

Waste management technology in Russia

Half a year ago Russian government passed amendments to the law on waste from production and consumption. The market is large, the lack of appropriate technology in the country is apparent, and changes in the law make the Russian market interesting for Norwegian businesses in the areas of water and waste treatment. New elements of… Read More