Potential for growth in the HoReCa & food retail market in Turkey

In 2015, the Turkish HoReCa sector grew 3 times more than the world average, increasing by 11 percent. The market for HoReCa (hotels, restaurants and catering) and retail in Turkey, especially food retail, has enjoyed continuous growth trends and will continue to grow in the coming years due to the young population, continuous urbanization rate,… Read More

Turkey: The Largest Aquaculture Producer in the Mediterranean Basin

Turkey is now the largest fish producing nation in the Mediterranean Basin surpassing Greece and the second largest producer of fish in Europe after Norway. This definitely represents a great opportunity for Norwegian equipment and service suppliers for fish farms. Aquaculture has been the second fastest growing industry in Turkey just after construction the last… Read More

There is a good fit between Turkey and Norway for increased maritime collaboration

Turkey has for several years developed their plans for renewal of its more than 300 vessel large coastal fleet, many Turkish naval vessels are now also being planned or built, and some of the many Russian fishing vessels to be built with Norwegian design might also be built at Turkish yards during the years to… Read More

Turkey is one of the fastest growing markets for Norwegian salmon

Habits are changing – so we also change in Turkey! Urban, modern life combined with an increasing focus on nutritious and healthy food is pushing the Turkish population towards consuming more fish- especially from Norway. The HoReCa market for seafood is becoming more attractive which is why Innovation Norway in Istanbul is planning to arrange… Read More

Naval Ship Projects for the Turkish Navy: Opportunity for Maritime Equipment Makers

Turkish shipyards are quickly building naval ships for the Turkish Navy. There is much foreign equipment being used on board these ships which could provide a good opportunity for Norwegian ship equipment makers.  Background Turkey is one of the top 10 shipbuilding nations globally. During the last 10 years Turkey has built a number of… Read More

Turkey: USD 120 billion investments to meet the energy demand by 2023

Increased energy demand and a stronger focus on renewable energy makes for great opportunities in Turkey. Economic expansion, rising per capital income, positive demographic trends and the rapid pace of urbanization have been the main drivers of energy demand in Turkey, which is estimated to increase by around 4 % per annum until 2023. After many… Read More