Have you considered the biogas market in Europe? We did that for you.

  What we learned from doing a cross-offices research on biogas markets in Europe. Conclusion from The Norwegian Water resources and energy directorate (NVE) was that there are good possibilities to increase the use of waste from fish farms, sewage heat, agricultural residues and macro- and microalgae. By developing a Norwegian system solutions, companies can both… Read More

Vietnam wants Norway to become a strategic partner in biotechnology and sustainable aquaculture

A Vietnamese delegation of 18 representatives from both government and private enterprises will participate in a study trip to Norway from 8- 17 August 2017, including a visit to Aqua Nor 2017. The group is looking for Norwegian partners in aquaculture technology and marine ingredients processing technology. The delegation will be headed by the Vice… Read More

Agribusiness Opportunities in Kenya

Agriculture, which includes aquaculture, is a major contributor to Kenya’s economy. It is the leading economic sector, accounting for 22% of the gross domestic product (GDP). The sector also accounts for more than 50% of Kenya’s total exports and provides more than 16% of formal employment in the private sector. Growth of the national economy… Read More

Increased interest in development of land based aquaculture in Poland

 The Polish fish processing industry is one of the largest in Europe and continues to grow. An increasing demand for fish products and support from EU funding is triggering investments in aquaculture. Other Scandinavian countries are already taking advantage of this growth and Norwegian companies should also seize this opportunity. The Polish fish processing industry… Read More

Join the Chinese health food mania!

Text by: Viktor Grande Røssnes, based on a report from the Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai. A fast-growing market for health food has developed in China. This market is expected to reach USD 70 billion  within 2020, triple the 2010 value. This market represents huge opportunities for Norwegian companies within cod fish oil, mineral and… Read More

Potential for growth in the HoReCa & food retail market in Turkey

In 2015, the Turkish HoReCa sector grew 3 times more than the world average, increasing by 11 percent. The market for HoReCa (hotels, restaurants and catering) and retail in Turkey, especially food retail, has enjoyed continuous growth trends and will continue to grow in the coming years due to the young population, continuous urbanization rate,… Read More

Turkey: The Largest Aquaculture Producer in the Mediterranean Basin

Turkey is now the largest fish producing nation in the Mediterranean Basin surpassing Greece and the second largest producer of fish in Europe after Norway. This definitely represents a great opportunity for Norwegian equipment and service suppliers for fish farms. Aquaculture has been the second fastest growing industry in Turkey just after construction the last… Read More

Aquaculture opportunities in Iran

Iran has one of the lowest seafood consumption rates in the world and like other Middle Eastern countries has concerns over food security. Development of the aquaculture industry and campaigns to change trends are the main courses of action to tackle this issue and increase consumption. Campaigns aimed at raising awareness of fish as a… Read More

Turkey is one of the fastest growing markets for Norwegian salmon

Habits are changing – so we also change in Turkey! Urban, modern life combined with an increasing focus on nutritious and healthy food is pushing the Turkish population towards consuming more fish- especially from Norway. The HoReCa market for seafood is becoming more attractive which is why Innovation Norway in Istanbul is planning to arrange… Read More

Advantage India: Investment Opportunities Galore

India’s attractiveness as a target for foreign investment is based on many factors, but some of the most important are the sheer size of the domestic market fuelled by growing purchasing power and size of the Indian middle class, successive democratically elected governments and a vast pool of talented workforce. As per the World Investment… Read More