Paris: Take your startup to the City of Lights

Paris’s startup scene is bustling with over 21 000 startups, and the city is frequently ranked as one of Europe’s best places to scale your business. The city has several hundred co-working spaces and hosts the world’s largest incubator, Station F. Innovation Norway’s Paris office is located at one of these co-working spaces, and we… Read More


Take your position in the Russian travel market!

Posted by Innovation Norway Europe 06.03.2017, updated 11.12.2018 Take part in the Norwegian Travel Workshop in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, the unique platform for establishing business in Russia.  Russia is Norway’s largest neighbouring country, with a population of 146 million people. A strengthened Russian rouble has generated a great potential for a tourist flow from this… Read More

Japan has a taste for Norwegian design!

Japan can be an interesting market for Norwegian designers. Japanese consumer is detail-oriented and quality conscious. Good Norwegian design with an interesting story might find some open doors into the Japanese market. There are many examples of forerunners from Norway in Japan. Ekornes, Stokke and Helly Hansen are some of the companies that have been… Read More

Photo: Alex Conu / Visit Norway

Indonesian Tourism in Norway – A Future Goldmine?

A growing middle class in Indonesia and a rising interest for Norway presents great opportunities for the Norwegian tourism sector. (Photo: Alex Conu/ Indonesia has experienced an adventurous economical growth over the past few years, and is expected to continue towards becoming one of the world´s ten largest economies. This development results in a wealthier… Read More

Potential for growth in the HoReCa & food retail market in Turkey

In 2015, the Turkish HoReCa sector grew 3 times more than the world average, increasing by 11 percent. The market for HoReCa (hotels, restaurants and catering) and retail in Turkey, especially food retail, has enjoyed continuous growth trends and will continue to grow in the coming years due to the young population, continuous urbanization rate,… Read More

UK’s Creative Industries are growing at almost twice the rate of the wider economy

UK, and especially London, is becoming a hub for the world’s creative industry. Norwegian companies taking part in this will definitely have an advantage. The creative industries are growing faster than any other business sector in most of the UK according to new data from Nesta, with 47 “creative clusters” now scattered across the country.… Read More

Cruise ships – several large scale vessels are planned in China

It is likely that China will become the largest cruise market in the world as several large scale vessels are planned. Norwegian companies can become alliance partners contributing with their technology, experience, design and IT-competence.

Big in Japan! Muligheter for norske musikere i musikkmarkedet

Det japanske musikkmarkedet er det nest største i verden etter USA, og det preges av mange subkulturer og et kvalitetsbevisst publikum med interesse for et bredt spekter av sjangere. Markedet for ikke-japansk musikk er ikke veldig stort, og norske musikere som ønsker å opptre i Japan møter svært høy konkurranse, samt utfordrende kultur- og språkbarrierer.… Read More

Welcoming the Indian film & tourism industry to Norway

The huge Indian film industry are shooting more scenes in Norway in recent years. This opens up for tourism and business opportunites for companies working with transport, creative industries and more. The shooting of Hollywood film The Snowman based on Jo Nesbø’s famous novel made headlines in Norway and globally recently. At the same time, another… Read More

Opportunities in Japan for aspiring mobile game developers

The growing demand for handheld consoles has created great opportunities for mobile game developers seeking an opening into the Japanese market. Innovation Norway Japan is creating an extensive network for connecting “you” with Japanese consumers. With the big companies focusing hugely on expensive games that take longer to develop, the rate of traditional game releases is… Read More