Demands of functional food in Vietnam

There is a growing demand for vitamin supplements and other functional foods in the Vietnamese market. Norwegian players have just started entering the market. Møller liver fish oil and different Norwegian vitamin supplements are already distributed in pharmacies, specialty shops and online stores in Vietnam. As Vietnamese buyers highly value Norwegian supplements for quality and… Read More

Aging society and elderly care in Korea

A recent rehabilitation center development project in a region of Korea will open opportunities for Norwegian solution or product exporters. In line with a series of elderly care industry development projects, Korea is initiating a Training Center for Leadership in the Rehabilitation Industry, mainly focusing on the growing elderly population. This training center will be supported… Read More

Canada healt agreement

Medtech Agreement with Canada Demonstrates Abundant Opportunity

An agreement signed between Oslo Medtech and MaRS opens markets for Norwegian companies to sell their technologies directly into hospitals and elderly care facilities in Canada. This global growth project will assist Norwegian medtech companies in approaching the Canadian healthcare mark

Join the Chinese health food mania!

Text by: Viktor Grande Røssnes, based on a report from the Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai. A fast-growing market for health food has developed in China. This market is expected to reach USD 70 billion  within 2020, triple the 2010 value. This market represents huge opportunities for Norwegian companies within cod fish oil, mineral and… Read More

Learn about the business climate in India for Norwegian companies

The1st Business Climate Survey of India for Norwegian companies is to be released in Oslo on January 11th. The survey will have a dedicated report on opportunities in the Maritime sector, and give input for Norwegian businesses in all sectors interested in India. India has been described as the “only bright spot” on the global economic… Read More

Aging population in Japan creates demand for advanced medical devices

The Japanese market for medical devices and materials are among the world’s largest, and is expected to keep growing due to the country’s aging population. This challenge increases the demand for advanced medical technologies. The market is heavily dependent on imports for sophisticated technologies. Japan is facing an aging population, already noticing its effect There… Read More

Vietnamese healthcare focuses on medical devices, facilities, IT system and efficiency.

Norwegian has well developed medtech clusters, and Vietnam has great needs. Where can the Norwegian companies help Vietnam in its healthcare system? We see some areas where Norwegian companies may have competitive advantages to provide their products and services to the healthcare sector in Vietnam: Designs for new hospitals, clinics and/or renovation of the old facilities Medical… Read More

OSEA 2016 in Singapore – The gateway to oil & gas markets in Asia

The crisis facing the oil & gas industry is worrying, but that doesn’t mean the future is all gloom. While there is a slowdown in the petroleum industry, there remain opportunities for companies in emerging tech areas such as IoT, advanced manufacturing and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). Singapore is the regional hub for oil &… Read More

Healthcare business opportunities in India

The Indian healthcare sector is among the largest sectors in India and has been attracting foreign players. It is crucial that they have the necessary knowledge about the sector to be able to penetrate the market. Large sector The Indian healthcare sector is among the largest sectors in India both in terms of revenue and employment… Read More

Waste management

Participate in India Waste & Water Forum

India is currently going through a phase of modernization and revamp for treatment of waste of all kinds. Opportunities are emerging in the areas of treatment of sewage water, conservation and harvesting of rain water and recycling of industrial water. We invite you to participate in India Waste & Water Forum to exhibit Norwegian competence… Read More