Foto: Norsk Bergindustri

Norway and Canada contribute to green shift in the mining industry

Norway is rich in minerals, but only a limited amount of resources is exploited today. Norway has raw mineral values worth up to 2 500 billion NOK, and a refined mineral market value of 8 000 billion NOK (study performed by NGU and NHO). To harness these resources, the Norwegian mining sector needs several things… Read More


Frankfurt is taking position as FinTech market

Deutsche Börse’s FinTech Hub seeks potential partners for building a first network between Norwegian start-ups and their German counterparts and hubs. Norway, with its young and vibing start-up scene and its advanced measures within FinTech, have great potential in Germany. In 2016, Germany was ranked as the fourth largest FinTech market in in the world.… Read More

Sweden Wood Building

Multi-storey wooden buildings are in focus in Sweden

The interest of multi-storey wooden buildings is increasing rapidly in Sweden. Today, only about 10 % of newly built multi-storey houses use wooden frames. Forecasts predict a sharp rise in this area. This growing trend is a good opportunity for the Norwegian building industry since we have a long tradition of using wood in residential… Read More

Agribusiness Opportunities in Kenya

Agriculture, which includes aquaculture, is a major contributor to Kenya’s economy. It is the leading economic sector, accounting for 22% of the gross domestic product (GDP). The sector also accounts for more than 50% of Kenya’s total exports and provides more than 16% of formal employment in the private sector. Growth of the national economy… Read More

The Deep Sea Mining Adventure: German stakeholders want a future cooperation with Norway

Recently, Germany presented the results of the examination of its Deep Sea Mining area of manganese nodules in the Pacific Ocean.  Germany needs partners for mining and transport of nodules. Norway was mentioned of  as a favored partner for these activities due to competencies within maritime and offshore technologies. The German Federal Government has obtained… Read More

Fast growing beer market for Norwegian exporters in South Korea

A change in consumer behaviour in the beer market combined with the new free trade agreement between EFTA and Korea, presents opportunities for Norwegian companies. The Korean beer market has been solely growing, while other liquor markets have been struggling with almost zero growth for the last 5 years. If you take a closer look at the… Read More

Skalere raskere i New York?

Innovasjon Norge har nå lansert et nytt akseleratorprogram i New York i samarbeid med en av New Yorks mest suksessrike akseleratorer, ERA (Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerators). Dette er et program for de mest lovende norske oppstartsbedrifter med høyt potensial for suksess i det amerikanske markedet. Av Hege Barnes, Director, Innovation Norway New York Programmet gir kvalifiserte… Read More

Fintech Forest

Verdens største financial technology-konferanse arrangert i København

Money 20/20, verdens største fintech-konferanse, gikk av stabelen i København 4.-7. april. Det var første gang konferansen arrangeres i Europa. Norge representert under Money 20/20 med paviljongen kalt FINTECH FOREST, bestående 07777av syv norske fintech-selskaper; Auka, Banqsoft, Encap Security, EVRY, Promon, Spiff, Zwipe. I tillegg var Nets og Signicat representert med egne stands. Formålet med… Read More

Innovative Nordics

The Nordics: Partners in innovation?

Norden kan lyckas i innovationskapplöpningen. Den nordiska gemenskapen är stark i form av ekonomisk integration och politiska system. “Innovative Nordics” vill bidra till att mobilisera vår samlade potential vad gäller innovation och entreprenörskap. Sted: Handelshögskolan i Stockholm, Sveavägen 65 Tid: Onsdagen den 20 april från 12:30 Onsdag den 20 april 2016 deltar Sveriges närings- och… Read More

Norwegian Industry needs new markets – South Africa’s challenges may be Norway’s opportunities.

South Africa is the second largest economy in Africa, behind Nigeria. South Africa accounts for 24 percent of Africa’s GDP , and it is ranked as an upper-middle-income economy by the World Bank – one of only four such countries in Africa.  The country is rich in natural resources and is a leading producer of… Read More