OSEA 2016 in Singapore – The gateway to oil & gas markets in Asia

The crisis facing the oil & gas industry is worrying, but that doesn’t mean the future is all gloom. While there is a slowdown in the petroleum industry, there remain opportunities for companies in emerging tech areas such as IoT, advanced manufacturing and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). Singapore is the regional hub for oil &… Read More

Spain, a European growth winner in 2015 – What about 2016?

 Welcome to a seminar on January 13th at Innovation Norway HQ in Akersgt 13. Spain holds the highest economic growth rate in the Eurozone in 2015 by 3.4%. The growth path is forecasted to continue in 2016. What are the consequences of the election that was held on December 20th 2015 to this development? The new National… Read More

How is it possible to give life to a smart, green and inclusive city?

“A smart city not only cultivates its technological component, but must combine economic development with social inclusion, innovation with education, research with participation.” (Motto of Milan Smart City) One of the big questions of our time is: How is it possible to give life to a smart, green and inclusive city? Probably through a continuous… Read More

Germany is looking for solutions to recycle rare earth elements (REE)

Rare earth elements (REE) are 17 elements* which can be naturally found in the earth crust. The demand for REEs has been rising the past years and is predicted to continue to grow in the near future. The consumption of REEs is expected to more than double from approx. 108,000 ton in 2006 up to… Read More

Stockholm sätter hållbart byggande på kartan

Stockholm är en av Europas snabbaste växande städer. Staden växer med två busslass i månaden, vilket ställer nya och ökande krav på bostadsbyggandet. Fram till år 2030 ska staden bygga 140 000 nya lägenheter. Men det pågår också ett omfattande arbete med att renovera det befintliga beståndet. För att klara denna tillväxt måste staden växa hållbart.… Read More

German Norwegian Energy Forum October 22 in Berlin

Transformative Forces in the Energy Market There is a fundamental change going on in Germany´s power mix. With a share of 26,2 percent to gross electricity production in 2014, renewable energies produced more than lignite-fired power plants. It is not only a change of the power mix, there is also a change among the market… Read More

Polen – viktigste marked for norsk forsvarsindustri etter USA

Det var stor interesse rundt norsk forsvarsindustri i dagene 1- 4 September da Norge var «Lead Nation» på MSPO 2015. Forsvarsminister Ine Eriksen Søreide deltok ved den åpningen av utstillingen og besøkte de 11 bedriftene som var på den norske paviljongen. Senere ble paviljongen også besøkt av den nyvalgte polske President Andrzej Duda samt visestatsminister… Read More

Eni ‘supergiant’ gas field discovery

The Italian energy company Eni has announced a world class supergiant gas discovery at its Zohr Prospect, in the deep waters of Egypt. The discovery could hold a potential of 30 trillion cubic feet of lean gas in place covering an area of about 100 square kilometers. Zohr is the largest gas discovery ever made in the… Read More

The world of yachts, boats and ships at SEATEC fair in Italy

What: Seatec – the International Exhibition of Technology Subcontracting and Design for Boats, Yachts and Ships When: 6/7/8 April 2016 Where: Carrara, Italy Seatec in Carrara is an international trade fair of technologies, suppliers and design of boats, megayachts and ships which is now at its 14th edition and continues to have a high reputation… Read More

World Efficiency i Paris 13.-15. oktober

FNs klimaforhandlinger, COP 21 finner sted i Paris I desember I år. Fokus fra den franske regjeringen er løsninger på klimautfordringene og i den forbindelse er det en rekke arrangementer som kan være interessante for norske bedrifter og organisasjoner.       Nordisk Ministerråd organiserer en nordisk paviljong, Nordic Efficiency, under messa World Efficiency i… Read More