World Efficiency i Paris 13.-15. oktober

FNs klimaforhandlinger, COP 21 finner sted i Paris I desember I år. Fokus fra den franske regjeringen er løsninger på klimautfordringene og i den forbindelse er det en rekke arrangementer som kan være interessante for norske bedrifter og organisasjoner.       Nordisk Ministerråd organiserer en nordisk paviljong, Nordic Efficiency, under messa World Efficiency i… Read More

Franske muligheter for norske bedrifter

Innovasjon Norges hovedoppgave er å bistå til å sikre verdiskaping i Norge. Vi jobber primært mot små og mellomstore bedrifter og bistår bedriftene med verdifull «fødselshjelp» hjemme i Norge, eller ved assistanse i internasjonaliseringsprosessen. Våre hovedtjenester er finansieringsordninger, bedriftsutvikling, kompetansebygging, profileringstjenester og markedsrådgivning. Ved kontoret i Paris jobber vi på to fronter, på den ene… Read More

Norwegian biotech-opportunities in France

Lille hosts the European biotech-industry during 3 days this week. For the 3rd time, the Plant Based Summit is attracting a large number of European and international speakers. The future role of plant-based, green and sustainable chemistry is increasingly important, and the aim for this conference is to contribute to the commercialization-phase of the bio-based… Read More

Setting up your company in France

France is one of the most attractive countries in Europe when it comes to foreign investments. In 2014, almost 700 international companies with 29000 employees established themselves in France. To further ease the set-up of foreign companies in France, French authorities have taken some major steps to facilitate the access to information: As of January… Read More

Norwegian Electric Vehicle cluster to Paris Motor Show

  World’s most important motor show had its kickoff this Saturday in Paris. Starting October 7, the International Meeting on Green Cars (RIVE) will be held over two days. Norwegian ambassador to France, Rolf Einar Fife will open RIVE and talk about the background of Norway’s electric vehicle initiative and what Norway has done to encourage… Read More

Major Norwegian delegation to EFIB 2014 – European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Biobased Economy

Around 700 delegates from all over the world are meeting in Reims, France during 30 September – 2 October this week for Europe’s most important conference in bioeconomy. 21 Norwegian and British companies and organizations have teamed up in an impressive common UK-Norway booth. Karin Øyaas, Research manager at PFI, the Norwegian Paper and Fibre Research… Read More

France is one of the world’s leading innovation nations

According to Forbes Magazine’s recently published list of The World’s Most Innovative Growth Companies 2014, companies like Iliad, Hermès and Dassault Systèmes, makes sure that France still has some of the world’s most innovative companies. The ranking is based on the best-performing companies under $10 billion in market capitalization. Forbes’ list also shows that France… Read More

France: Electrical car revolution

On June 18th, the “energy transition”-law proposed by the current minister of ecology, renewable energy and energy, Ségolène Royal, is planning on creating incentives to increase the use of electric vehicles in France. The main goal is to decrease the fossil energy consumption with 30% and reach 15% of fuel from renewable energy in 2030.… Read More

The Norwegian company Seatower selected to demonstrate their offshore wind foundation in France

Based in Oslo, Seatower designs gravity foundations for offshore wind turbines and substations. Their unique Cranefree technology – based on principles from the offshore oil & gas sector – enables offshore wind projects at deeper waters to be executed fast and cost efficiently with reduced risk and without expensive installation vessels. Scheduled for early 2015… Read More

“Innovation 2030”: The kick start of Innovation in France

On December 2nd 2013, the French president Francois Hollande introduced us to the new commission “Innovation 2030”. This innovation project will encourage and push entrepreneurs in their start-up establishment and will distribute up to 2.4 billion NOK (300 million euros) in financial support to these young and fresh ideas. The main goal is to give… Read More