Spain, a European growth winner in 2015 – What about 2016?

 Welcome to a seminar on January 13th at Innovation Norway HQ in Akersgt 13. Spain holds the highest economic growth rate in the Eurozone in 2015 by 3.4%. The growth path is forecasted to continue in 2016. What are the consequences of the election that was held on December 20th 2015 to this development? The new National… Read More

How Spain is fixing its economy

The recovery in the Spanish economy continues at a strong pace in the 3rd quarter 2015. For the time being the growth rate in the Spanish economy is the strongest in the Euro zone with an expected GDP growth for 2015 at 3,3. And 2016 looks no worse. Activity is igniting in all sectors. The… Read More

Spain & the SMART Cities

Several of Spains largest cities are among the leading cities in Europe on becoming true Smart Cities. The initiatives taken by the city councils in these cities create great market opportunities. A survey published in January this year by Osborne Clarke shows that Europes top 3 countries when it comes to Smart City initiatives are… Read More

Opportunities for business in a recovering Spain

The EU commission forecasts Spains GDP to grow more than France, Italy and Germany in 2015 and 2016. Please accept our invitation to find out more at this event organised by the Embassy of Spain in Norway, ICEX, Spain Trade and Investment, Innovation Norway and the Spanish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. The event offers professional speakers… Read More

€18 million boost for green technology

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are providing €18 million to the environmental and climate change-related research and technology programme in Spain. This is set to be a win-win for the three donor countries, Spain and the environment. Spain is a recognised global leader in renewable energy production. This has stimulated the growth of a thriving industry… Read More

Innovation Norway Madrid´s tourism department – pioneer in introducing webinar as a part of their trade promotion strategy.

For the first time as a part of their Trade Campaign the Norwegian Tourism Office in Madrid (Spain), has used this tool of giving a Webinar (web-based -seminar) to Spanish travel agencies and tour operators. Luca Bocci, the Marketing Manager of the Norwegian Tourism Office in Madrid was giving an approx. 60 min. presentation, based on… Read More

Innovation Norway has organized a Competence Exchange Trip to Norway – EEA Grants Spain

The Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), Programme Operator for the «Environmental and Climate Change-related Research and Technology» Programme within the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, together with the Donor Programme Partner, Innovation Norway, visited Oslo and Trondheim from June 2nd to 6th with the aim to exchange competence and promote future cooperation with relevant Norwegian… Read More

Norwegian IT expanding to Spain

The Norwegian start – up company CANOPY TECHNOLOGIES is trying to capture the Spanish market with the support of Innovation Norway – This might also be an opportunity for your business. CANOPY TECHNOLOGIES is an IT-company which is highly dedicated to increase efficiency of office work and create support solution for major office tasks or… Read More

The Spanish economy keeps on growing – Expenditure and consumption are increasing

The Spanish economy keeps on growing and recovering step by step The first quarter of 2014 shows an increase of the Spanish GDP of 0.4 percent, unchanged from the initial quarter-on-quarter estimate. It is the third consecutive increase and the fastest in six years, as a rebound in domestic demand was enough to offset a… Read More

The best taxation in Europe – Enjoy the benefits of establishing your business on the Canary Islands – especial business opportunities for Norwegian Companies

Why the Canary Islands? Due to their geographical location, the Canary Islands are an excellent commercial and logistic transference platform between the three continents Europe, Africa and Latin America, as they are linked to the main international commercial routes. This circumstance allows investors to run strategic projects in the three continents, operating from the Canary… Read More