Title that intrigues the reader

This is the most important sentence in your blog. You should already have caught the readers attention by now. You have to give away the most important stuff in the intro. This is the sales pitch.

Written by Jimi Hendrix


Always write a text about the picture. Who and where. (Foto: Credits)

Can you tell the reader more about this opportunity? This is where you should be slightly more detailed about the opportunity. How can Norwegian companies capitalize in this market. One paragraph is enough for this.

Selling subheader
OK – now you’ve got the readers attention. Now you can step back a bit and tell the background story. How did this opportunity come to life? Where did it start. What changes have happened to make this an opportunity?

If you need to put some facts behind your statements, this is where you put them. But go easy on the numbers. You don’t have to tell the reader everything from the backdrop. Just enough to prove your point, and give the background story enough substance.

The reader should know the basics by now. You should start connecting the dots. Why does the backdrop represent an opportunity today or in the future? Start moving from the history of the past to the future. Do you need to dispute your point?

Another subheader to provide air
Subheaders alway makes your text easier to read. They creates natural pauses when reading. But also draws the eye further along the text, luring the reader to move along to the next paragraph as well.

You’re getting closer to the end. Now you should repeat your most important arguments for why this is an opportunity. And yes, you may repeat the selling points from the introduction. However, do not repeat it word by word. Say the same thing, but write it slightly different. The reader should recognize the arguments, but not feel like the text have been read previously.

Ideally, you should have a closing statement. And by the time you are finished you should not have written more then 500 words. This blog post is exactly 376 words, by the way.

More info?
If the reader is interested, alway provide a contact point:
Please contact Scarlet O’Hara, advisor Innovation Norway Tokyo
Phone: +1 987 66 543
Email: scarlet.ohara@innovasjonnorge.no


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