TEA, Tech City Executive Accelerator Pilot – 2nd workshop 4-5th November

GREAT BRITAIN: Next week we are welcoming our 8 Norwegian high growth tech companies for a second cup of TEA in London!

Tech City is Europe’s fastest growing technology hub, and it’s particularly strong in areas where London traditionally has been at the forefront; technology, fashion, music, creative industries and financial technology.

Photo: TEA workshop

Photo: TEA workshop

We felt the need to take advantage of this rapidly growing hub and invited 8 technology companies with global scaling ambitions to be a part of this.  Over a period of 3 months, 3×2 day workshops and hot desk opportunities throughout the time, they are being challenged to reach new heights through training in communication, business development, negotiation skills and finance, led by leading people in the industry.

The companies participating in this autumn’s workshop are:

Agens, Attensi, Cloudberry, Rubrikk.no, Induct Software, Medianodes, Soundrop, ThinFilm Electronics

More news on the TEA program (in Norwegian) on the Official Site of Innovation Norway.

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