The 17th German Norwegian Energy Forum

Front pageGERMANY: On October 24, 2013 Norwegian and German energy experts gathered in Berlin to discuss the need for flexibility in the power systems and the importance of transnational cooperation for a secure power supply.

The German electricity industry is in a transformation process with consequences for the European energy markets. How will the German energy policy develop what will be the consequences for energy producer and supplier, changes to power infrastructure, market design, and business models.

These questions were discussed by German and Norwegian company representatives. Norway is an important energy supplier for Germany and Europe. With its hydropower Norway could supply flexibility within the electricity market. But also the European market integration and how the neighbouring countries could support each other for more flexibility were discussed.

Business cooperation between Germany and Norway has been important in the past and examples were given.

Since 2002, the German Norwegian Energy Forum is a platform where international energy experts meet and exchange ideas and opinions on the future for a sustainable and affordable energy supply with a focus on German Norwegian energy issues.

The German Norwegian Energy Forum is a joint initiative of Innovation Norway and the Norwegian embassy in Berlin.

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