New Norwegian-Italian partnership with Innotech Solar and Coenergia S.r.l.

ITALY: On October 30th a partnership between Italian Coenergia and Norwegian Innotech Solar was launched, and the Italian company has now added the solar modules of Innotech Solar to its product portfolio.

Italy is still one of the most important PV markets (3,4 GW installed in 2012, and 2nd cumulative installed capacity worldwide in 2012) and Coenergia S.r.l. is one of the principal Italian players. Since 2007 the company has aimed to offer products and services specifically dedicated to designers, installers and system integrators. The company works with leading manufacturers of high-quality photovoltaic technologies and has its own production of mounting systems.

Innotech Solar is a leading European manufacturer of high quality solar modules with production sites in Norway, Sweden and Germany.  The solar modules are produced using optimized high-performance cells, followed by additional quality controls. The environmental friendly production process reduces ITS’ carbon footprint with about 70 percent compared to production processes using conventional cells. Several tests done by independent experts state that Innotech Solar’s European modules demonstrate high performance, durability and a positive environmental impact.

Coenergia’s CEO, Giulio Arletti, reports that “With modules from Innotech Solar we can broaden our product range with a high quality product that will be able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. High quality is the most important criteria to be included into our portfolio. Next to this aspect we welcome that ITS modules have an outstanding carbon footprint which meets perfectly our eco-friendly energy philosophy”. Arletti also states that “For Coenergia the collaboration with ITS is an evidence of growth and stability, as well as affirmation of trust and mutual respect. From the viewpoint of the market, this is an important choice in the long-term.”

“We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with Coenergia. It is important for us to work internationally with reliable partners who place enormous value on high-quality products and also represent our green philosophy,” states Jerry Stokes, CEO at Innotech Solar. “Furthermore our European production means we are able to be extremely responsive offering distributors such as Coenergia short production lead-times.”

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