Be inspired by the agri-park F.I.CO.

Picture: Irene Brivio

Photo Credits: foto Schicchi

The new project F.I.CO Eataly World is an inspiring case how to enhance resources, promote local products and attract visitors.

The high-end Italian food mall Eataly is planning to open an agri-food park in 2015 as a permanent showcase of Italian excellences in the agri-food sector.
The structure is called F.I.CO which means “cool” in Italian (The acronym means Italian Rural Factory).

The concept is a mixture of excellent food, culture, promotion of Italian cooking and raw materials. The agri-food park aims at showing the whole production chain from fields to production plants, from Research & Development to marketing.

The park is divided in sectors including stalls, aquariums, gardens as well as oil-mills and vineyards. In the restaurants visitors have the possibility to taste genuine food produced locally and then to buy them in the shops inside the park. F.I.CO Eataly World aims also at teaching and showing, especially to children and young people, the rooted Italian food tradition and production through a series of guided tours in the thematic park.

Thanks to this original and innovative idea, the project has immediately attracted around 30 investors and it is completely financed privately. The buildings are planned to be eco-sustainable, using a huge photovoltaic installation which produces green and “zero kilometer” energy.

F.I.CO. agri-food park is an inspiring example of cooperation between local authorities, private investors with the common scope to exhibit the excellences of Italian products of the agri-food sector.

For further information, contact Innovation Norway Italy

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