What’s on within energy in Finland?


Picture: Energyvaasa

On March 17 – 20, EnergyWeek in Vaasa, Finland, offered four days of seminars. The subject areas ranged from biogas to wind, smart grids and nearly zero-energy buildings. Both researchers and companies from Northern Europe presented the latest research to a large audience consisting of company representatives, students and university staff.

The annually organized EnergyWeek is the place where the cluster companies gather to network and make business.

Vaasa has the largest cluster of energy technology companies in the Nordic countries. The energy cluster EnergyVaasa consists of more than 120 companies providing solutions for distributed energy production, distribution and consumption. These enterprises manufacture e.g. diesel engines, electric motors, power plants, electric transmission and distribution systems, frequency converters and applications for the wind power industry. EnergyVaasa employs more than 10.000 people, which is one fourth of Finland’s total energy sector manpower. Its annual business turnover amounts up to about 4 billion euros, with an export rate of 70%.  Several companies are spin-offs from either Wärtsilä or ABB.

At the EnergyWeek there was an exhibition included within wind energy. During the smart grid session different aspects of the technologies, solutions and visions related to Smart Grids were discussed. A special focus this year was on communication and automation systems.

Picture: Energyvaasa

Picture: Energyvaasa

Foreign expertise is warmly welcome to the Vaasa region, either by investing in the numerous startup companies, by supplying to the large Finnish players as a subcontractor or why by not using the local bilangual Ostrobothnian market as a testbed for Norwegian innovations. It is easy to do business in Vaasa since the region is bilingual, with 44% of the population having Swedish as their mother tongue. In the city of Vaasa, the percentage is 23%.

Be sure to enter EnergyWeek March 2015 into your calendar! For more information about the yearly arranged event EnergyWeek, please visit http://energyvaasa.fi/energy_week/

For more information about EnergyVaasa, please visit http://www.energyvaasa.fi/en/home_en or contact Anna Salmensaari at Innovation Norway, email: anna.salmensaari@innovationnorway.no , tel: +358 20 7551212

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