Innovation Norway Madrid´s tourism department – pioneer in introducing webinar as a part of their trade promotion strategy.

Image: Innovation Norway Madrid

Image: Innovation Norway Madrid

For the first time as a part of their Trade Campaign the Norwegian Tourism Office in Madrid (Spain), has used this tool of giving a Webinar (web-based -seminar) to Spanish travel agencies and tour operators.

Luca Bocci, the Marketing Manager of the Norwegian Tourism Office in Madrid was giving an approx. 60 min. presentation, based on his expertized knowledge and experience of over 15 years, supplying the tour operators and agencies with first-hand/class information. The aim of this webinar was to provide efficiently to a broad range of Spanish tour operators and travel agents improved and profounder knowledge about the most relevant attractions in Norway.

They have used an internet platform, owned by the most popular tourism trade newspaper in Spain, named Hosteltur:, to hold the webinar.

The goal was to get 100 agents to attend the webinar, but they received in total 391 registrations whereof 202 were participating in the webinar. So they reached to double their goal. Furthermore the feedback of the webinar was impressive/outstanding emphasizing on the innovativeness and efficiency, regarding aspects like cost,time, effort and results.

If you got curios, have a look on the Video of the webinar which is remaining available both on the platform and YouTube.

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