10 reasons for setting up your innovative company in Italy


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10 reasons for setting up your innovative company in Italy

The Italian Government has introduced a new policy to attract innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world. Entry procedures will be made easier for foreign and non-EU entrepreneurs who intend to set up an innovative start-up in Italy. The innovative program Italian Startup Visa provides a streamlined process to facilitate entrepreneurs from outside the EU to enter in the Italian market. This, along with benefits provided by the recent law, including robust tax relief on seed and venture capital investments, pioneering equity crowdfunding provisions, cuts in red tape, substantial guarantees on bank loans are steps to make Italy a world leader for innovative enterprises. This is an instrument designed to improve the capacity of our country to profit from the increasing mobility of intelligence and innovative entrepreneurs on a global scale. This procedure will be managed online through the website italiastartupvisa.mise.gov.it, where users can find useful information and questions regarding fees to receive an entry visa.

10 reasons to invest in Italy

  1. Made in Italy: a key driver for the scaling-up of your startup.
  2. High-quality and competitive skills: Universities and research centers are tightly linked with industry.
  3. Italy is the 2nd manufacturing country in the European Union and the 5th in the world. The backbone of Italian manufacturing is made up of clusters of SMEs spanning all industries.
  4. Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage is an untapped asset.
  5. Italy is a gateway to strategic markets, linking Southern Europe to Northern and Central Europe by land.
  6. Italy offers robust investment incentives and has pioneered capital raising tools for startups.
  7. Italy’s lifestyle as an asset to enhance your working environment.
  8. Startups can benefit from a flexible, tailor-made employment law.
  9. Starting your company in Italy means having access to a large internal market, with countless opportunities for expansion.
  10. Strong commitment by the Government to develop a robust startup ecosystem.


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