Get a head start in the Swedish Interior and Design industry

Photo: Erik G Svensson, Visitstockholm

Photo: Erik G Svensson, Visitstockholm

The interest for the Swedish market is high among Norwegian companies in the Interior & Design sector. The Swedish economy has had a positive development for some years and the previous stagnation in the industry has turned. The market is twice as big as in Norway, so for many Norwegian companies it is a natural first expansion step when going international. But to succeed you need to understand the market and what it takes to build a successful expansion.

Innovation Norway, together with the Norwegian Furniture & Interior Industry and the Norwegian embassy in Stockholm, is arranging a set of workshops during 5-6 November in Stockholm, with well-known stakeholders from different parts of the Swedish Interior & Design industry, as White and Nordiska Galleriet. The aim is to help Norwegian SME’s to better understand the value chain and share lessons learned, from successful compa

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