Norway in lead on French Facebook barometer

The social media agency We Like Travel, and Social Network analyst Graphinium, have developed a system to analyze the performance of French language tourist destination Facebook pages. The barometer considers 8 different factors, providing an overview of how efficiently foreign destinations communicate by the use of Facebook.

Norway’s Facebook account Visitnorway – la Norvege is amongst the best performing in France, although we had to give way to Israel in top position for the October issue. Norway has been #1 in February, April, August and September thus being the single destination to top the list 4 times in 10 consecutive months. Through excellent community management and loyal fans we have through this channel presented top level and quality tourism destination marketing dedicated beautiful Norway.

Analyzing the result of a destination’s activities on Facebook should not, according to We Like Travel, be limited to merely looking at the number of followers. Facebook has a functionality that emphasizes the visibility of popular pages and reduces that of less popular. Due to this algorithm a Facebook page may have over 10 000 fans but not be present in the feed of any one of them. It is therefore, when considering a page’s performance, essential also to look at how engaged the followers are. Evaluating a page must also include the level of interaction to determine how one manages to seduce, mobilize and activate through each and every post.

The total number of fans is an easily measurable parameter, whilst evaluating engagement is much more complex. The French Facebook Barometer analyses “real time” how fans by liking, commenting and sharing react on posts. When a post is published the number of interactions related to this post the 5 following days is divided by the total number of fans the page had when the post was published. This procedure is repeated for all posts published during a given period of time (in this case 1 month). The different pages are then compared by looking at an average post engagement.

What is a good average level of engagement for tourism destinations?

Engagement is a key factor when considering ROI for SoMe activities and the Facebook Barometer is an efficient tool to measure this.

Less than 0,5%:           Very weak Capture barometer sept

Between 0,5 and 1%:    Weak

Between 1 and 1,5%:    Mediocre

Between 1,5 and 2%:    Good

Between 2 and 2,5%:    Very good

Over 2,5%:                   Excellent

Please note: The lower the number of fans, the more the engagement level varies. The larger the number of fans the more trustworthy is the level of engagement. Pages having less than 5000 fans are not included in the analysis:

Capture - baromter octCapture vinterpost


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