Expo 2015 is coming: Milan is the place for a sustainable future

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From 1st May to 31st October 2015, Milan will host the Universal Exposition around the common theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

144 countries and 3 international organizations will present their pavilion on this global event, which is expected to receive 20 million visitors for a period of six months.
EXPO 2015 will be the place for questions, ideas and solutions. Through thousands of events, exhibitions and institutional meetings, EXPO 2015 will shape and influence the global dialogue to share knowledge, to improve human conditions and the collaboration between nations, and to open up a dialogue to exchange views around the problem of nutrition and sustainability.

Sustainability will be definitely a central pillar of Expo 2015, with the aim of implementing sustainable technologies and practices in in all parts of the food value chain, from the source to the consumers. The presence of a sustainable Smart City at the heart of the exposition site will focus on innovative technologies as a way to a more sustainable future.

Business opportunities

The event represents a large scale global event which offers unending opportunities to learn, share and transfer knowledge, to develop valuable network and to showcase innovative solutions:

  • Access to Global Market: an occasion for networking, B2B meetings and to participate in the global dialogue.
  • Knowledge-transfer and study tours: to learn from ideas, policies, practices and technological solutions proposed by global and emerging players.
  • New products and Innovations: a unique platform to showcase your solutions and to engage global and local institutions, networks, partners and customers.

Opportunities for Norwegian businesses

Innovation Norway may organize business delegations with a tailor-made program for groups of companies identifying and inviting relevant international counterparts. Such programs may include:

  • seminars
  • round-table discussions
  • conferences
  • B2B meetings
  • Participation in relevant events organized by third parties.

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