London skyline (Foto: Kloniwotski / Flickr)

Opportunities in tourism – meet with British Tour Operators

On 22 June Innovation Norway organises a workshop in London where Norwegian tourism companies fly over to meet with British Tour Operators from all over the UK. Before the workshop begins the companies have taken part in a big match making process to make sure they all meet with relevant buyers/suppliers. It is a full day of pre-booked 15 minute meetings ending with a canapé reception and mingle.

London skyline (Foto: Kloniwotski / Flickr)

Join our workshop in London where Norwegian tourism companies meet with British Tour Operators. (Foto: Kloniwotski / Flickr

The Norwegian suppliers will also benefit from the Market Forum day, this year held at The Telegraph.  On the day before the workshop they get the chance to learn more about the British Market. They will hear about new trends in the market, get an update from Innovation Norway and get insight in the work at The Telegraph. This will be done through sessions in their “experience room”, which gives the unique opportunity to delve into the inner workings of the ever-evolving multimedia, multi-platform, 24/7 news brand.

This forty-five minute experience demonstrates the role that the journalists and wide-ranging platforms play in reporting on key events. The room also incorporates new devices and technology, such as the latest generation of Microsoft® Surface® table using PixelSense™ technology, giving an insight into how news might be consumed in the future.

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For more information on how to participate or if you’re interested in other Travel trade activities on the UK, please contact Sandra Martinsson at

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