Chinese Aquaculture

Opportunities in Chinese aquaculture

China is today the worlds largest aquaculture production nation. Most of the aquaculture production in China is land based solutions. The current challenges of pollution, disease and genetic degradation in China, create a need to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge and technology for the country’s development towards a more sustainable direction. This process creates business opportunities for Norwegian companies as Norway is regarded as a modern, world leading aquaculture country.

Chinese Aquaculture

Business opportunities in Chinese aquaculture may cover the whole value chain. (Photo: Jiwu Zhang / Innovation Norway)

Several Norwegian companies and researchers within aquaculture industry are taking actions in China by cooperating with their foreign and local business partners in connection to business in fish hatchery & breeding, fish vaccine, land-based and offshore based fish farming equipment and facilities, and feed & nutrition development.

BioMar started a R&D cooperation project with one of the Chinese feed giants two years ago. In 2016, EWOS is stepping into Chinese aquaculture water through Cargill (US) enterprise in China.

Opportunities in the whole value chain

The business opportunities may cover the whole value chain of aquaculture, from hatchery & breeding to commercial farming, feed, vaccine and equipment, etc. It is driven and pushed by a wide variety of species and its cultivation methods in various water and land resources.

The opportunities is also driven by the big gap between traditional ways and the modern technology and aquatic food safety issues.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is an important issue in China, which the companies should be aware of. To face both opportunities and challenges within aquaculture industry in China, cooperation with other Norwegian companies that cover different part of aquaculture value chain may help to become more successful. Such cooperation is relevant to other foreign companies and local companies as well.

The cooperation is not limited to technology & products development, but also highly relevant and possible for R&D and education cooperation, exchange knowledge and experiences for aquaculture farm operation & management and aquaculture industry administration.


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