Call for Expression of Interest in Myanmar’s LNG Business Sector

Myanmar is planning to implement bulk import and regasification of LNG project(s) in Myanmar through private sector participation.


Electric Power is a vital key to further development of Myanmar. Without power, it is impossible to run trade and industry. Norwegian companies have vast experience in a number of areas such as power generation, power optimisation and power management as well as in all aspects of the LNG business. LNG can play a pivotal role in bringing more power to the country and through LNG flexible power solutions can be found, both big-scale and small-scale.

Norway and Myanmar

Norway has been active in Myanmar since before the sanctions were lifted in 2012 and has a very good standing in the country.

A dynamic private sector is critical for long-term, sustainable poverty eradication through creating value and broadly based wealth, tax revenues and productive jobs. Better standards of living will also help to propel further democratisation.

Norway attaches great importance to business ethics, corporate conduct and environmental sustainability. We believe that Norwegian companies entering Myanmar can act as role models by setting high standards, thereby building capacity and improving the livelihood for the people of Myanmar.

Opening up the LNG sector

The Myanmar government has now opened for interest in the LNG Business Sector. Norway has many interesting companies in this business. We urge these companies to express their interest allowing them to submit proposals at a later stage.

Only companies which have expressed their interest in this first phase will be considered for future proposals, so it is important to act before the deadline given. Further information about the expression of interest is given below. Please read carefully and make sure all documents are submitted.


Axel Blom
Innovation Norway, Bangkok
+66 81823 1010.


Expression of interest (doc)

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