Take part in WasteTech Moscow 2017 !


You are invited to take part in the exhibition WasteTech-2017 in Moscow.

WasteTech 2017 in Moscow is a great opportunity to meet the most important players in the market, present your solutions, investigate the market opportunities and get an insight into the latest development on this area in Russia.

You are invited to take part in the exhibition WasteTech 2017 in Moscow, Russia in June 2017. It is a premier forum covering waste treatment, environmental protection and renewable energy in Russia and neighboring countries.

The market is huge and potential is great. There is now an administrative support in form of amendments to the legislation as well as interest from the companies and society that gives this issue a high priority.

A new legislation is on the way, creating a more structured and predictable market. New ways of handling utilization issue, technology and experience from Norwegian companies will be in high demand.

Important facts about the waste market in Russia:

  • Waste volume in Russia is 3,5 bln t incl Municipal Solid Waste 40 mln t. MWS recycling potential is estimated to 14 mln t, as of today only 10 % is treated.
  • New legislation is coming into force, which will create a more structured market. Legislation will create more transparent and a more competitive market. Clear rules and the system of auctions will give a chance to new comers in the market to compete for the tasks of waste treatment.
  • From 2017 waste that can be recycled is prohibited to landfill. It will force producers to take care of utilization of their products and in order to meet the requirements of the legislation and reduce the payment of ecological taxes.
  • There is a lack of technologies and recycling plants, and a shortage of equipment. Both a fair amount of investment and approved and tried technologies is needed. The government through different programs will support the projects in that field together with investors from the private sectors, and while the equipment and technologies is basically owned by the foreign companies. Norwegian companies has equal opportunities with the other players.
  • The volume of the Russian waste market is estimated to 3,5 bln USD per year. It is a good reason to consider Russia market.

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