Indonesia shows interest in Norwegian aquaculture

Indonesia is growing and becoming a country full of opportunities for Norwegian businesses. Are you operating within the aquaculture industry and have the right technology, knowledge, patience and ambitions in order to extend your market and go global?  With a growing interest in aquaculture and a need for foreign partners, Indonesia may be the right place for your business.


There are approximately 250 million people living in Indonesia and it is a key priority for the Indonesian government to create new and sustainable jobs, secure the livelihoods in coastal areas and to improve food security and nutrition. Developing the fish farming industry is a way to succeed in reaching these goals.

Looking to Norway

Within the blue sector today we see that Indonesia is struggling with poor efficiency, lack of knowledge and little ability to innovate, despite the fact that fish farming is an established industry and provides valuable income to both the people and the country. There are only three countries in the world with a faster growing economy than Indonesia and Indonesia is the 9th largest fish producing country in the world. It is therefore understandable that the authorities are putting a lot of effort into this area.

Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Embassy are now experiencing a sincere interest, both from the Government and the industry itself. They have invited us to share our stories and are looking for partners to implement the latest knowledge, technology and experience in a lean and efficient way.


A local Indonesian fish farm, Photo: Innovation Norway

Millions of people are dependent on what they can catch, harvest and grow in the ocean, and we know that Norwegian companies can substantially contribute to the modernization of the marine sector for countries in need and make good business at the same time.

Sustainable Aqua Culture Seminar

Together with the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries we are facilitating a one-day-seminar, free of charge, in Jakarta December 2nd 2016. The Indonesian speakers will focus on showing the Norwegian participants their plans for the industry and how a foreign company can contribute and do business within the fish farming sector. Norwegian companies and stakeholders will present some of the key success factors in how to build a sustainable value chain in the fish farming industry.

Innovation Norway is present in Jakarta, Indonesia. We see that the need for sustainable solutions in developing and exploiting marine resources are enormous.  Many millions of people have fishing and fish farming as their main source of income. What can be harvested from the sea on- and offshore is crucial to meet the demand for food from large and growing populations.


Does this sound interesting?  Whether you want to look into the program for the upcoming Sustainable Aqua Culture Seminar, or you want to learn more about this business possibility, please contact us!

Priscillia Tanumihardja
Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway Jakarta
Telephone: +62 21 2965 9400
Mobile: + 62 813 170 29952


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