Exciting times ahead in UK Edtech sector

Look no further than to the UK if you are an Edtech company and ready to take it to the next level. Britain’s Edtech sector is growing on par with fintech and the market is estimated to be worth £129 billion by 2020.

Edtech is one of the fastest growing tech sectors across Britain, with more than 1,000 start-ups across the country and over 200 based in London shows new data from London and Partners. The sector is on a par with fintech as one of the fastest growing areas of the digital economy, accounting for 4% of all digital businesses.

A priority for the government

In the UK, schools spend more than £900 million a year on education technology and UK education exports total £17.5 billion a year according to NCFE.  It is home to some of the world’s leading schools, colleges, universities and education businesses. And with the introduction of the computing curriculum into every school in England, the UK has positioned itself at the forefront of developments in the creation and use of education learning and technology.

Growing the UK Edtech offer is a priority for the British government, and as a result the opportunities in this sector are huge for both UK and foreign players.

BETT 2017, an opportunity to showcase the best of Norwegian Edtech companies

BETT is  the world’s leading education technology event  held in the UK.  In order to take advantage of this great industry event and showcase the best of Norway, IKT Norway together with Oslo Edtech Cluster is hosting a Norwegian stand at the show, The Norwegian Classroom.  The stand will act as a meeting platform to showcase some of the most promising Norwegian companies within Edtech, and also a great chance for visitors and industry people to network and get inspired from this rapidly growing sector. Registration for Bett 2017 is still open on the website for your free ticket to the show.

You can meet these companies at the Norwegin classroom stand this year:  Kahoot, Inspera, Visma Unique, Gyldendal, Conexus, Rikt, Creaza, NoIsolation, Evry, Kikora, Friendup, Kunnskap.no

If you want to find out more about how Innovation Norway in London is working with Edtech and how we can assist you further in the market please do not hesitate to get in with Innovation Norway’s London office.

Hilde Hukkelberg, Director of Innovation Norway London



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