Increased interest in development of land based aquaculture in Poland

 The Polish fish processing industry is one of the largest in Europe and continues to grow. An increasing demand for fish products and support from EU funding is triggering investments in aquaculture. Other Scandinavian countries are already taking advantage of this growth and Norwegian companies should also seize this opportunity.

The Polish fish processing industry is one of the largest in Europe. It supplies European countries with processed fish-products including fresh fish and ready-to-prepare dishes.  The output of the processing industry amounts to approximately 500 000 MT, worth close to €2 Billion. Significant Norwegian investments have been made in the seafood processing industry and the most noticeable is Marine Harvest.

Increasing  demand

There is an increasing demand for various fish products and the processing industry is looking for new suppliers. Hence, investors in Poland are now casting their eyes on land based aquaculture production.

Freshwater aquaculture has a long tradition in Poland. The total aquaculture production was approximately 40.000 MT in 2015. Two fish species dominate Polish fish farming: carp and rainbow trout. Production of rainbow trout, farmed in approximately 200 farms, is growing.

Poland started developing more intensive land based aquaculture and several investors have established new businesses in the field of controlled breeding of marine or freshwater fish in the indoor RAS technology (trout, sturgeon, salmon, tilapia, and barramundi). Such production is both capital and technology demanding.

Sturgeon is one of the types of fish that are bred in Poland, Photo: Thinkstock

Sturgeon is one a species of fish which is bred in Poland, Photo: Thinkstock

Innovative projects

One of the most advanced installations for tilapia is located in Poland near Warszawa. Goslawice Fish Farm is one of the largest sturgeon farm in Europe with 50 years tradition and experience in breeding. Another interesting and innovative project, co-financed by EU, is using Lower Jura saline geothermal waters for rearing and farming of salmon. This project is completed by the company  Jurassic Salmon Ltd.

Poland still remains as one of the biggest recipients of EU Structural Funds. The European Fisheries Fund (EFF) for projects in Poland allocated an amount of €730 million in the period until 2020. This fund launches new financial instruments for projects also within aquaculture.

Inspired by the Danish

Our neighbours in Denmark are also closely following what’s happening in Polish aquaculture and could be a source of inspiration for Norwegian exporters of aquaculture solutions. More than 70 companies are part of the Danish Fish Tech Group – a professional network organization of exporters within equipment to the fishery, fish processing and aquaculture sectors. Danish Fish Tech Group will be organizing a pavilion for industry representatives within the aquaculture sector at the international fair POLFISH 2017 in Gdansk .

A new opportunity for Norwegian industry

New technology often requires new understanding. Innovation Norway Warsaw has the ambition to develop and promote the new market opportunities in Poland and assist Norwegian industry in relations with potential Polish investors. We want to develop competence and networks in order to increase export of technology and services for land-based aquaculture.

We would like to invite existing networks and organizations within fish and aquaculture industries as well as individual companies to collaborate on an exciting market where Norway has much to offer.

These events in 2017 may be relevant for joint activities:

  • 4th Congress of Polish Fish and Aquaculture Industry in Sopot, 30-31 March
  • Seafood Expo Global in Brussel, 25-27 April
  • POLFISH 14. International Fair of Seafood Processing and Products Gdansk, 7-9 June
  • AqvaNor in Trondheim, 15-18 August
  • Polish Trout Breeders Association Annual Conferences and Technological Aquaculture Fairs, October 2017

For more information, please contact:
Aleksandra Buczkowska, Innovasjon Norge Warszawa
Direct phone :+48 22 581 0 584, Mobile: +48 601 083 279

Warta Tower, ul Chmielna 85/87, 00-805 Warszawa, Poland

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