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Large scale renewal of Russian fishing fleet

The Russian fishing fleet faces need for renewal.  Norwegian ship technologies are both known and popular in the Russian market, opening a potential large market for Norwegian maritime industry.

The Russian fishing industry generates an annual income of circa 15 Billion Rubles for the state in the form of taxes, yet the fishing fleet is in dire need of renovation and modernization.  At present, the Russian shipbuilding industry is not fully prepared to take on this task on its own.  Here lies a rather serious potential for cooperation between Norway and Russia.

Russian authorities acknowledge that substantial reforms are needed to make the process of renewal of the aging Russian fishing fleet efficient and stable. Total number of fishing ships in Russia has been significantly reducing during the last 20 years. Average age of Russian fishing ships is old – more than 80% of ships were built 20-35 years ago.

Norwegian ship technology with great reputation

A decision has been made on allocation of additional fishing quotas for companies ordering vessels in Russia (up to 20% of quotas for investment purposes). It is believed that the demand may excess the capacity of Russian shipyards and there will be a need for foreign supply of equipment and services.

At the moment there are several fishing vessels built at the Russian shipyards according to Norwegian ship design. And there will be more over the years. Since the Norwegian ship technologies are quite known and popular in the Russian market, there are open business opportunities for Norwegian maritime industry locally. Norwegian maritime industry can make important contributions to the development and renewal of the Russian fishing fleet, making it efficient and equipped with modern gear.

Innovation Norway Russia is presently working on three relevant projects within this field. In addition, there will be organized a large Norway National Stand at the largest Russian shipbuilding exhibition NEVA which will be held in September 2017 in Saint Petersburg. It will bring together industry professionals and provide an effective platform for establishing business contacts.

For further information on the opportunities please contact:

Nikolay Shavrov
Senior advisor, Innovation Norway Russia (St. Petersburg)

Elena Paranicheva
Project Manager (Norway National Stand at NEVA), Innovation Norway Russia (St. Petersburg)

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