Vietnam wants Norway to become a strategic partner in biotechnology and sustainable aquaculture

A Vietnamese delegation of 18 representatives from both government and private enterprises will participate in a study trip to Norway from 8- 17 August 2017, including a visit to Aqua Nor 2017. The group is looking for Norwegian partners in aquaculture technology and marine ingredients processing technology.

The delegation will be headed by the Vice Minister of Fisheries, Mr. Vu Van Tam, and will include representatives from the National Assembly, Directorate of Fisheries, Vietnam Sea-Culture Association and ten other companies and organizations. They will meet a number of Norwegian authorities, research institutions and companies in Ålesund, Tromsø and Trondheim during the visit.

In need of new technology

Vietnam is the fourth largest aquaculture producer and the eighth largest fishing nation in the world with an annual production of 6.7 million metric tons (2016). However, the local aquaculture industry is characterized by small-scale household farms, using dated technology with low economic efficiency. Much of this technology is also not environmentally sustainable.

Development of industrial aquaculture is seen as a strategic solution to solve those challenges. The local farmers are looking for partners that can offer environmentally-friendly technologies and solutions in the whole value chain to develop a sustainable industry for the nation. The focus will be in water treatment, disease control, efficient feeding solutions for land-based farming as well as cage farming systems for offshore aquaculture.

Vietnam would like to remain one of the best seafood producers and exporters in the world, so we need to seek the best and most reliable partners leading the world sea-culture production and processing technology. Norway is the most prominent partner to cooperate with in the realization of the plans to develop Vietnamese marine aquaculture sector said Dr Nguyen Huu Dzung, President of Vietnam Sea-culture Association.

Possible cooperation with Norwegian partners

In addition, Vietnam’s processing industry produces more than one million tons of rest raw materials annually. The research and development of new value-added products from the local abundant marine ingredients are among the industry’s priorities. The visit to Norway will enable the Vietnamese companies to explore possible cooperation with relevant Norwegian partners in biotechnology and marine ingredients processing.

The visit by the Vietnamese delegation is a follow-up of the Global Growth Marine Vietnam program by Innovation Norway in which a group of Norwegian aquaculture companies and institutions visited Vietnam in May 2017. The group is planning another visit to Vietnam in November under the second phase of the Global Growth Marine Vietnam program.

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Lien Phuong Dang
Senior Market Adviser, Innovation Norway Hanoi

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