Internet of Buildings (IoB) in Asia

The increasing convergence of Internet of Things (IoT) with buildings, is widening an unmet demand in Asia for smart building technologies.

There will be a demand for smart building technologies in building information modelling, building management systems and automation, cloud real-time management, monitoring and sensors, HVAC automation & controls, home automation, mobile-linked controls and other components of system technologies for building in industrial automation.

The Smart Buildings market in Asia

Singapore being a Smart City, its government – Building & Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) have been championing and piloting building monitoring and smart integration for island-wide commercial and industrial facilities (Source: GovInsider).

Across Asia, the smart buildings market has been gaining strong momentum since 2015. The need for industry players to gain competitive advantage for their buildings as smart becomes a mainstream user requirements, have been the driving force behind Smart Buildings in Asia Pacific (Source: asiagreenbuildings).

Internet of Buildings (IoB) was never a distant dream for Asia. It is already here and early-movers into this market can leverage on the demand surge, and establish themselves as the key solution provider in untouched territories and buildings.

Where are the Opportunities

A burgeoning need for technology and solution providers is also expected in the additional areas:

  • Smart Home Automation and Control
  • Central Grid/ Connected Grid
  • EV Chargers
  • Smart Consulting/ Modelling in Energy Efficiency
  • Smart Facility Management & Operations
  • Smart Factory Automation for Industrial
  • Smart Sensors
  • Security Monitoring and Control

If you have a solution to these, your solutions will be high in demand.

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