Maritime opportunities in South Africa – a market in a strategic position

South Africa is one of the most active maritime nations in the world. Its ports, ship building and inspection services provide opportunities for Norwegian companies with expertise in a number of fields.

South Africa is one of the largest and the most diversified free market economies on the African continent. It is home to over 75 per cent of the leading African companies and a global leader in banking and financial market/services systems. South Africa remains one of the world’s richest in mineral resources and has developed its economy on the strength of its mining, engineering, manufacturing, agriculture, financial services and ICT sectors.

The country has jurisdiction over one of the largest Exclusive Economic Zones in the world, with international merchant ships transporting global trade from the far east to Africa, the Americas and Europe as well as ships performing a diverse number of innovative and conventional economic offshore operational activities. 13 000 vessels call at South African ports per year.

Currently inspections, ship repair, maintenance, modifications, ship building and other related services takes place at the 6 major ports, with the potential to service upwards of 2500 vessels per year, based on the traffic around the South African coast, and the facilities and skills available.

Smart technology wanted
There are concrete business opportunities for Norwegian companies offering Green and Smart port solutions and green technology for the shipping industry.

The opportunities in terms of Green and Smart Ports include: Systems that perform complex data and information processing, deployment of innovative technology solutions that improve operational efficiencies, cyber security measures, maritime connectivity, real time port environmental monitoring, integration with Port Cities.

Green shipping opportunities identified

Alternative bunker fuels such as LNG and hydrogen as well as hybrid systems including electric engines. LNG facilities will be developed in 3 of the major ports for a gas-to power program, which will open up opportunities for LNG bunkering for coastal shipping in future.

Opportunities exist for waste management facilities and systems, programs for environmentally sustainable shipping operations along South African waters and in ports, emission abatement technologies and emission control.

The local ship builders are interested in partnering with companies offering design services, materials and components in order to build more efficient vessels for the local and African market.


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