Waste management technology in Russia

The Russian market is interesting for Norwegian businesses in the areas of water and waste treatment.

In December 2017, the Russian government passed amendments to the law on waste from production and consumption. The market is large, the lack of appropriate technology in the country is apparent, and changes in the law make the Russian market interesting for Norwegian businesses in the area of water and waste treatment.

New elements of the legislation among other things include the introduction of producer responsibility to treat/recycle their own manufactured goods and, starting from 2017, a ban on landfilling of waste that can be recycled. According to experts, this will in many ways help to establish a full-fledged market for waste treatment. 

Despite the present economic conditions in Russia, Norwegian companies have advantages because they already possess the necessary technology and have valuable skills. According to World Bank Prognosis, Russia’s economy has continued to grow since 2017, supported by stronger global growth, higher oil prices, and solid macro fundamentals. This is a good moment to look towards Russia, monitor the situation, gather information and make up plans for a possible entry into the waste management market. 

Innovation Norway Russia can help interested companies to establish business contacts and to introduce to local authorities. A recent market assessment prepared by Innovation Norway Moscow can be sent to anyone on demand. 

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