Brazil – Market opportunities in the aquaculture sector

Today Brazil has domestic fish consumption of 9.5 kg per inhabitant/year, meaning that there is a lot of room for improvement. And aquaculture offers the largest potential for increasing the fish supply.

In 2017, fish farming in Brazil totaled approximately 690 000 tons – 8% growth from 2016, which currently generates a revenue of approximately NOK 11.8 billion. According to PeixeBR (the Brazilian Aquaculture Association), tilapia production exceeded 357 000 tons in 2017, which positioned Brazil among the top four global producers of tilapia in the world, following China, Indonesia and Egypt.

Tilapia represents more than 51.7% of Brazil’s total fish production, being mainly farmed in the States of Paraná, São Paulo and Santa Catarina in the Central and Southern regions of the country. Following tilapia production, the native species represent 43.7% of the total Brazilian fish farming, tambaqui being the leading native species. Also, carp and trout account for 4.6% of the country’s production.

PeixeBR believes that the industry will keep growing and Intrafish foresees that Brazil will produce 500 000 tons of tilapia in 2020. According to CEO of PeixeBR, Mr Francisco Medeiros, the results of the survey conducted by the association prove that tilapia production is “the target of major and recent investments, mainly in the Southern region. Other states with significant potential have already granted authorization for Tilapia production, as Tocantins and Mato Grosso, signaling that tilapia farming will grow in the near future in Brazil”.

If Brazil’s fish farming grows as expected, the country will be looking for technology and services along the whole value chain, including expertise within genetics, fish health, fish feed, machinery, etc. Tilapia fish farming is attracting large players with purchasing power willing to expand production and invest in the process.

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