Is Germany in need of Norwegian EdTech?

Norway is a leading country when it comes to Education Technology (EdTech). Germany is a country where digitalization within education has not come as far. Can Germany learn something from Norway? We believe there are opportunities for Norwegian EdTech companies in the German market, but companies need to be aware of the obstacles and overcome these.

What we learned from a market research on EdTech in Germany
In 2018, Innovation Norway investigated the potential of ten markets in the field of Education Technology (EdTech). Two of these markets, Germany and Brazil, were seen as interesting markets and have been analysed by Innovation Norway in more detail. This post is on opportunities in Germany.

Companies are and should be curious about the German market – a country with around 83 million people. 11 million and 2.8 million of these people go to 43 500 schools and 428 universities/university colleges correspondingly. In Germany’s path towards digitalization of education, opportunities arise.

Our main findings are:
1. The EdTech-scene in Germany is not big – the competition is low. Most of the providers are younger companies and startups.
2. There are some challenges that companies need to be aware of and figure out how to overcome. These are the complexity of the education system, somewhat unsatisfactory infrastructure, “old fashioned” thinking, often lacking willingness and/or ability to pay, very strong focus on privacy and user rights and quality assurance.

What’s in it for you?
Get there before everyone else does. Some say EdTech in Germany looks like how it was in Norway around five years ago. Norwegian companies could take advantage of the opportunity in already knowing how to deal with the digitalization of learning, and see opportunities in Germany.

Use the chance to get to know the German market better. Our market report on edtech could be a good starting point. One piece of advice from the report is that companies should consider where their best opportunities are, for example geographically: which federal state(s) to target. Some are better off financially, some have more developed digital strategies. Read more about this, what actors and platforms are established and the state of digital education in Germany, in the report.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2019
We also provide a concrete platform for you: in October 2019, at the world’s largest book fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, Norway will be a partnering country. This entails a lot of attention and publicity. The book fair has its own education hall with EdTech as a branch, and we want to offer Norwegian EdTech companies a chance to take advantage of this huge attention.

For more information about Frankfurt Book Fair 2019, please contact:
Jana Mennig
Innovation Norway, Germany
T: +49 40 2294 1521

For the full market report on edtech, please contact:
Anna Salmensaari
Innovation Norway, Finland
T: +358 20 755 1212

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