Smart Mobility opportunities in Germany and the USA

Norway’s extensive experience with technologies and mobility concepts aimed at improving sustainable mobility and city life, has been crucial in putting Norway at the top of the list of innovative countries within this area. The roll-out of public infrastructure and mobility concepts, as well as the readiness to change and adapt within many sectors of the German and the USA market, poses a number of challenges that Norwegian companies could solve together with local partners. By sharing experience, putting reliable and functional technology in place and solving local problems together, both sides will benefit.

The Smart Mobility Global Growth programme* with the focus on urban infrastructure solutions and services has been initiated due to several interests from the Norwegian home market and additional interests in Norway from foreign market actors.

The original idea of fronting Norwegian mobility solutions developed out of previous projects between Innovation Norway offices in Norway and Germany.

Already in 2017, Innovation Norway Germany supported the Norwegian EV and mobility industry with several measures and projects in the German market. Next to foreign media attention and coverage, a Brand Norway Pilot was launched at one of the biggest EV-fairs in Europe. This was followed by several delegation visits consisting of high-ranking politicians, industry representatives and research institutes, from Germany to Norway in 2017/2018.

At the same time, Innovation Norway New York was engaged in developing networks and programmes for Norwegian ICT companies, targeting the IoT and transport sector in the USA. Together with the Smart City initiatives from New York and the idea of offering Norwegian companies access to the market, the engaged Innovation Norway employees from both markets made the natural choice of creating a joint Global Growth programme.

In close cooperation with the HUB manager for Smart Cities & Societies, Gaute Hagerup, a working group was established in order to launch the programme, which for the first time included two target markets; Germany and the USA.

In the period of six months Innovation Norway set up four workshop sessions, of which two were for several days held in Germany and NYC.

Getting hands-on experience and interaction with foreign market actors (Daimler, EnBW, Deutsche Bahn, Google, Smart City New York, etc.), the participants were able to build their network and conduct business on several levels.

*Global Growth is a series of export programmes delivered by Innovation Norway to help Norwegian companies grow in international markets. Participation will increase speed and reduce risk when pursuing new international business opportunities. Each programme is tailor-made for a group of companies having products, services or technologies that solve problems in specific sectors or industries.

For more information, please see the Global Growth Smart Mobility Final Report or contact our expert:

Tim Genge
Senior Adviser
Innovation Norway, Germany

Photo: Joey Kyber, Unsplash

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